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The Incredible Benefits of Hands Therapeutic Massages|Family Massage Coral Springs

Maybe you don't know, but receiving a massage on your hands is incredibly beneficial and relaxing. Not only will you improve your mobility and circulation, but also, according to reflexology, our hands have multiple points that connect to different organs and different parts of the body, which receive immediate relief. Its never a bad idea to learn new things for the sake of our health.

Massage in the hands is not very complicated to perform, and has an immediate effect. You may never have considered it, but its virtues are so positive that it is worth experiencing the pleasure of receiving this type of massage. So, from Family Massage Coral Springs, we invite you to know its benefits and how it is done.

Benefits of a Massage On The Hands

According to the Arthritis Foundation, if we suffer from chronic arthritis in the hand, applying a massage regularly in this area will help us reduce pain and improve your mobility.

  • People who do not suffer from arthritis can also benefit from a hand massage. If you usually use them with intensity either by the computer, or by other manual tasks, and even if you usually have pains or cramps, this massage will be very beneficial.

  • According to the Mayo Clinic, hand massage improves our circulation , prevents nerves and tendons from becoming rigid and harmonizes the mobility of the hand in general.

  • The hand massage relaxes our muscles and improves all ranges of motion . If you suffer from metacarpal tunnel or trigger finger, you will notice a great relief. Friction massage, for example, where you stretch your fingers slightly, will improve your range of motion.

  • According to reflexology, the hands have points of union with different organs of our body . For example, the right hand is related to the liver, the small intestine, the stomach, or the thyroid, while in the left hand, it is associated with the brain, the kidneys, the vertebrae ... etc. Thus, exercising for example Pressure points in different points of the hands, we can find relief in these areas.

How to give a massage on the hands

  • First step

The first thing is that you and someone else learn these steps to be able to apply the massage to each other . To massage someone's hands, we should lean on a table and a towel. The first step is to sit comfortably, and hold the other person's hand.

  • Second step

The second step is to put cream on your hand . We can use aloe vera cream (aloe vera), and apply it while we give a soft scrubs that go from the wrist to the tips of your fingers. First we will do it gently, then we will exert a little more pressure but without hurting.

  • Third step

The next step is to press and make small circles with your thumbs in the palm of the other person's hand. It is easy to do, press and make circles with your thumb, first gently and then with a little more pressure, but as always, without causing pain.

  • Fourth step

Now, let's move on to the fingers. Take the hand of the other person, and, as you see in the drawing, you have to go massaging the five fingers of your partner.

  • Fifth step

Next, we will place our two thumbs in the center of the other person's hand . Go massaging at this point, exerting pressure for five seconds, then stop pressing. After having massaged the center point of the hand, do the same but in the area of ​​the thumb. This area is usually the one with the most pain, it is the joint that is used the most and the one that overloads. Do the same again, press five seconds, and then relax.

  • Sixth step

The last step is more complex but tremendously effective. Look at the photograph, the objective will be to massage each joint of the fingers . Start then from the fingertips, and then go down along the phalanx. Massage by exerting a little strength but without hurting, press a few seconds and then relax. Do this exercise for two seconds.

As you can see, this massage in the hands is very simple to make. The importance undoubtedly lies in doing it every day, in the middle of the afternoon, for example, when we have just finished working . If you do it with a friend or with your partner it will be much easier. Do not forget to use a cream to apply the massage.


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