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Massage Therapy & Crossfit

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The CrossFit fitness techniques are distinguished by working the body as a whole, performing explosive exercise routines to increase muscle strength, endurance, cardiovascular capacity and consequently, lose weight.

The effort and muscular over strain required in this discipline encourages the tissue to develop micro-lesions, or "scar tissue". These micro lesions can be very annoying and prevent the muscle from performing at its maximum capacity. As a result, it prevents you from performing the exercises with your maximum power because it hurts, bothers and when you want to continue, you do not work with the necessary intensity.

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Massage therapy allows the muscles and connective tissue to be cleaned of toxins and waste; It gets oxygenated blood rich in nutrients and benefits muscles and white tissue with a speedy recovery.

Benefits of massage therapy after doing CrossFit:

  • Improves and treats micro-injuries

  • Increase circulation

  • Brings oxygenated blood to lighten the muscle recovery process

  • Reduces inflammation due to effort and repetitive movements

  • Alleviate the pain

  • Your body relaxes

  • You will sleep better to continue training the next day

  • It is important that you perform stretches before and after the CrossFit routine. Before the exercise helps to prepare the muscle and after exercising relaxes it. Also, be careful with exercises that are too strong for your body. Only you know your weight limit, repetitions and muscular effort.

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Always listen to your body and your intuition, it is what will help you prevent injuries. If an exercise causes pain or discomfort, then it is better to decrease the your maximum effort or simply take a break. Modify it or change the routine. It is also important that you have a qualified trainer to supervise your exercise routine, for that they are there, to help you.

Have you ever injured yourself practicing exercises? What treatment or technique helped you? Share it with us in the comments area. Here at Family Massage Coral Springs we would really like to know!


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