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How to do complete stretching routine?|Family Massage Coral Springs

Here at Family Massage Coral Springs we believe in having an active lifestyle, and with that comes taking care of your body and maintaining it in optimal condition in order to perform every day at your best! Besides massage therapy and having a healthy ,nutrition dense diet,stretching might be the missing factor in living a long healthy life.

Stretching is a very important part of physical exercise. Although many people overlook them, carrying out a complete stretching routine may or may not determine the success of sports training.

Not only should a full stretch routine be performed after physical exercise, but also before. We will see the reasons below in a very simple way:

  • Stretching before exercise: prepare the body to avoid injury.

  • Stretches after exercise: helps reduce stiffness .

Today we are going to discover how a complete stretching routine should be carried out. In addition, we will give some tips that will allow you to carry it out in the best way depending on the needs of each person.

Lower train stretches

The lower body comprises the buttocks and legs . It is very important to stretch this part of the body correctly, as many athletes suffer from calves being tight or cramps that are not at all pleasant.

There are many stretches of the lower body, but it is necessary that we focus on those that have to do with the muscles that we are going to work or that we have already worked on. For example, if we do not work the buttocks, it is better to do only the leg stretches.

Next, let's look at some of the lower body stretches that are indispensable for doing a full stretch routine. Some may have variants, for example, they can be done standing or sitting.

  • Heel to the buttocks: Standing, we take the heel to the buttocks stretching the quadriceps. We can perform this exercise by leaning against a wall if it is difficult for us to maintain balance.

  • Sit-up stretch: Sit with your legs stretched out, try to touch the tip of your feet. With this stretch we work the hamstrings . This exercise can also be done standing up.

  • Seated abductors: We will sit with our backs straight and join the soles of our feet. We can help the elbows to press the knees down and deepen the stretch.

  • Buttocks standing: We will hold the leg below the knee and raise it to try to touch the chest. We will stay straight and it is the knee that comes to the chest, not the other way around . It can be done, too, lying on your back facing up.

Next time your body is feeling sore and tight all around don't hesitate on implementing the stretching techniques mentioned above. Although they might seem really simple to perform, some of the techniques mentioned do require a bit of practice,but remember that good proper form and technique is significant in getting the most results. After the stretching don't forget to get massage therapy on those parts of your body that get taxed day in day out! There is virtually nothing a therapeutic massage can't fix!


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