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How to do a hand massage if you work long hours on the computer?

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The massages on the hands are very beneficial as they not only improve your mobility and circulation but also give you an immediate relaxing effect. They are recommended for those suffering from arthritis and also for those who use the computer very often or perform various manual tasks. This is why that part of the body faces pains or cramps and carpal tunnel syndrome can appear , which consists of the irritation of a nerve that we have located between the wrist and the fingers.

By doing a massage on your hands you are not only improving your circulation, but you also prevent the nerves and tendons from remaining rigid, giving you better mobility. In addition, according to reflexology, our hands have points of union with different organs of our body, so everyone benefits.

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To carry out a self- massage on your hands it is not very complicated and in this note we show you how, just follow some simple steps:

1. Put cream on your hand with which you will work and take the other gently.

2. Start by pressing lightly on the wrist to relax the metacarpal tunnel with the help of the thumb. Count up to three seconds and release. Then slide the fingers of the hand with which you are working down to relax the whole area with regular pressure.

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3. Then press on the lower area of ​​the thumb which is where more pain is concentrated, it is the joint that is used the most and the most overloaded. Count to three and get off. Repeat 3 times and go on repeating in different areas of the palm.

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4. Slide from the point of the metacarpal tunnel downwards equally three times with regular pressure.

5. Turn your hand and stretch each finger with the help of the other hand. This will help to massage each joint.

6. Stretch down and up. With the other handlink the fingers and pull, always relaxing the wrist. Do it three times.

7. When finishing with a hand you will see that the tone of the skin changes when it relaxes. Repeat the whole procedure in the other so that both are well taken care of.

The hand massage is very easy to perform and the idea is that you can do it every day when you get home after work or school. If you do it continuously you will see changes and you will feel this area more relaxed.


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