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Five Useful Tips to Get Yourself a Good Massage

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If you do not have time to go to a massage therapy studio and need a relaxing massage, these tips can help you!

Spending so many hours in the office or doing different activities can stretch our muscles and generate stress.

If you do not have time to go to a massage therapy studio and feel that your muscles are tense, you can massage yourself . The idea is that after doing it yourself you find yourself more relaxed and ready for a new day. Here some tips.

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1. Take a hot bath first

The hot water helps to relax the muscles and this makes it much easier to work any tension afterwards. Use a relaxing bath with essences of lavender or vanilla and spend in the bath for 15-20 minutes. Then you can start doing those massages that you need so much.

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2. Use the tips of your fingers

If you have tense shoulders or neck, the best way to eliminate small knots is by doing massage with the tips of your fingers. Use firm pressure and make small circles with your fingers to gradually release the tension. Avoid using the whole hand because in the end you will end up with arms pain.

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3. Use exercise balls

If you have these balls for exercises, you can use them to massage your back. After all, it is one of the areas that really only one can not reach. Place the ball against a wall and then your back on it. Move your body to perform the massages and eliminate the stress of a few.

4. Start light

It is advisable to start the massage lightly. Gently rub your legs, arms, abdomen, hands and feet before applying firm pressure. Going  gradually helps you relax better.

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5. Stretch when you finish massaging

Massaging requires bending that maybe you're not used to. Stretching, will help you avoid any problem or injury. Move the shoulders and neck to solve any kinks. Raise your arms and bend them back to stretch your abdomen and back.

If giving yourself a massage is not your thing or maybe you feel like you are not relieving yourself but hurting instead, you can always visit Family Massage Coral Springs and book your next massage therapy session!.


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