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Family Massage Coral Springs|Healthy Habits 101 : Why does our stomach hurt when we are nervous?

Typical scenario, you are about to enter an important meeting at work and nerves begin to invade your body , the first to resent it? Your stomach !

The stomachache when we are nervous is not a myth ... When your "nerves hit", your brain is activated and sends a signal to the body to fight this "threat" that will generate tension .

Your body begins to produce more adrenaline , the heart begins to beat in an accelerated manner and the stomach starts working slower , causing that feeling of " butterflies in the stomach ".

In addition to stomach pain , tension can cause certain gastrointestinal disorders such as nausea, constipation , vomiting , overeating and diarrhea .So if you are victim of constant nerves and stress , follow these simple tips below. Your stomach will thank you!

- Breathe deeply, inhale and exhale

- Exercise regularly, as it generates endorphins and helps you relax

- Avoid situations that cause you stress as much as possible

- Give yourself five minutes to think if it's really worth it to be so distressed

- Stretch to release muscle tension

- Find a time to see your friends, do activities that you like and relax, go some time for yourself

-Make massage therapy a habit in your life

Do not let the nerves settle so easily in your stomach . Relax, learn to take things more calmly. Like the saying says "Don't worry, be happy." Yes you can, learn to let go!


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