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Detect How Stressed You Really Are|Family Massage Coral Springs

Tension and anxiety reduce the quality of a person's personal and work life, which is reflected directly in their way of speaking, walking, writing and interacting with others. Would you like to know if you are a stressed individual ? Then answer the following test and find out:

Prepare notebook and pen!

According to the Anteroos Therapeutic Center , you should read each question and answer yes or no. If you answer affirmatively, write down the number that is in parentheses. It is important that the answers refer to the last six months to discover if you are really stressed! :

  1. Has your spouse or partner died? (20 points)

  2. Have you divorced or physically separated from your partner? (15 points)

  3. Has a close relative died? (13 points)

  4. Have you been admitted to a hospital? (11 points)

  5. Have you married or reconciled with your partner? (10 points)

  6. Has there been a radical change in your health (positive or negative) or that of a family member? (9 points)

  7. Have you lost your job or retired? (9 points)

  8. Have you heard that you will become a mother or father? (8 points)

  9. Have you experienced any problems related to your sex life? (8 points)

  10. Has a child had someone in your immediate family? (8 points)

  11. Has a close friend died? (8 points)

  12. Has there been a change in your economic situation (for better or for worse)? (8 points)

  13. Have you changed jobs? (8 points)

  14. Did any of your children leave your house or get married? (6 points)

  15. Have you had problems with political relatives (in-laws, brothers-in-law)? (6 points)

  16. Is there someone in your home or work that you dislike or do not get along with? (6 points)

  17. Have you suffered from premenstrual syndrome? (6 points)

  18. Have you had an important personal, work or professional success? (6 points)

  19. Have you traveled by plane at least twice to distant places with a changing schedule, at least six hours compared to your country? Or does your work require rotating shifts that force you to alter your sleep hours? (6 points)

  20. Have you moved or made a substantial change in it? (5 points)

  21. Are you at risk of losing your job? (5 points)

  22. Have you assumed a mortgage or substantial debt? (3 points)

  23. Have you been reported for any minor infraction of the law? (ticket for infringing traffic laws, etc.) (2 points)

Add your answers!

If you got less than 30 points: It is unlikely that stress will impact your health.

If you achieved between 30 and 50 points: Take a little care of your health, because stress will impact a bit on it.

If you have more than 60 points: Sure you are very stressed, so you must take measures to relax and avoid serious health problems.Maybe even consider getting a deep tissue massage!

Remember that the results of the test have a guiding value and do not replace the vision of a specialist, so you should visit your doctor when you feel very stressed .


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