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Besides promoting relaxation, having regular facials have many benefits, including delivering noticeable improvements to your skin tone, texture and appearance.
Each service is designed to treat each person’s skin individually. Each appointment begins with a consultation to customize and provide the best service - we listen to your concerns & skin goals.

Clear Skin

Treats adult and teen acne

LED anti-bacterial therapy + anti-inflammatory

treatment used to fight oily and broken out skin


This treatment helps control oil

production and soothes inflamed skin

60 minutes 


Acne Treatment

Deep Cleanse

Treats congested skin

Purifying treatment focusing on the removal of

blackheads,milia and other skin imperfections.


Deep cleansing + extractions + LED therapy + purifying mask - Dermaplaning also available

60 - 70 minutes


Exfoliation & Extractions

Anti Aging

Customized soothing treatment that improves elasticity, tone, texture and appearance of fine lines and dullness


It decreases pores size and

promotes collagen renewal


Microdermabrasion + collagen treatment

60 minutes


25 & up

Macho Man 

Gentlemen's Facial

Created specifically for a man's skin needs; with or without a beard


Softens skin and hair, helps to stop itchiness, flaky skin, ingrown hairs and razor burn

Includes extractions 

60 minutes



On to go facial

For those 'pressed for time' in need of a quick 'pick me up'

This 30 minute facial will leave your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated

Perfect between regular skin treatments or before a special occasion

30 minutes


Teen Facial

14 & up

Customized for the special skin demands or requirements of teenage skin

Includes cleansing, soothing mask, gentle extractions,appropriate mask for your teens skin type, moisturizer/SPF

Home care lesson

60 minutes


Back Cleanse

Deep Cleansing Treatment

Deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and clarifying mask for your back, neck and shoulders


Gets rid of clogged pore, breakouts and excess cellular buildup in these hard to reach areas

60 minutes


Specialty Treatments

Hyperpigmentation, Sun Spots, Dark Spots & Scars

Based on your skin concerns and goals, you will receive the best combination of treatments to maximize your results.


Treatments will included LED, ultrasonic, micro,chemical peels and/or high frequency. 

60 minutes



Mature Skin

Skin tightening procedure that helps generate collagen and elastin - 40 & up

This technique helps your face and neck area look more firm and toned resulting in less fine lines and wrinkles


Combats puffiness, eye circles and swelling 

60 minutes